Parlors milk three times daily starting at:

  •  1am, 9am, and 5pm
    • The milking rotation takes about 7 hours with 1 hour of cleaning between each milking.

Double 40 Parlor:

  • 4 milkers and 1 cow runner
    • Each person has a specific job and goes down the whole line of 40 on each side
      • Pre-dips
      • Strips and checks for mastitis
      • wipes teats with clean towel
      • Connects Units
      • Once each person finishes their job for that side they all help post dip the side that has finished milking

Double 20 Parlor:

2 milkers and 1 cow runner

  • this parlor is split in two sections of 10 each
    • 1st milker dips
    • 2nd milker strips
    • 1st milker wipes
    • 2nd milker connects units
    • They do the opposite for the next 10 on the same side